5 Things PUPPY PARENTS Need to Know!

As a content writer, they are tasked with creating an engaging and informative intro for a blog post about 5 things that puppy parents need to know. In this post, readers can expect to learn about essential tips and tricks for raising a happy and healthy puppy. From diet and exercise to training and grooming, this guide will cover all the important aspects of caring for a new furry member of the family. So, whether you are a first-time puppy parent or a seasoned pro, read on to discover invaluable insights and expert advice on how to provide the best possible care for your precious pup.

5 Things PUPPY PARENTS Need to Know!

Are you a new puppy parent looking for guidance on how to care for your furry friend? Or are you a seasoned pet owner seeking tips to enhance your dog’s training and activities? Whatever your concern may be, Rachel Fusaro, a popular content creator on TikTok, has got you covered. In this review, we will delve into some of the essential things that every puppy parent should know, along with the relevant information about Rachel Fusaro that may help you make an informed decision about following her advice.


Rachel Fusaro is a social media influencer on TikTok, with over 1.5 million followers. Her channel, @ellie_and_henry, is dedicated to educating pet owners about various dog-related topics, including training tips, suggested products, and general care. Through her entertaining and informative videos, she shares her experience and expertise that she has gained in raising her two dogs, Ellie and Henry.

1. Crate Training

Crate training is an important part of puppy training, as it provides a safe and comfortable space for dogs to rest and recover. Rachel’s videos cover the basics of crate training, such as choosing the right size, introducing the crate, and gradually increasing the time spent inside. She also recommends specific crates and playpens that are comfortable and durable.

2. Potty Training

Potty training can be a challenge for many new puppy owners. Luckily, Rachel has shared her tips and tricks for successful potty training. She suggests scheduling regular potty breaks, rewarding good behavior, and using a designated potty spot. She also recommends using enzymatic cleaners to eliminate odors and prevent future accidents.

3. Leash Help

Walking your puppy on a leash can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend, but it can be tricky to get started. Rachel’s videos offer guidance on how to introduce a leash, teach your dog to walk on a loose leash, and use different types of leashes and collars. She also shares recommendations for harnesses that offer support and comfort for your pup.

4. Barking

Barking is a natural behavior for dogs, but excessive barking can be a nuisance for both the dog and its owner. Rachel provides solutions for dealing with barking, such as identifying the cause of the barking, using positive reinforcement, and training alternative behaviors.

5. Biting and Chewing

Puppies love to bite and chew, but it’s important to teach them what is appropriate to chew on and what is not. Rachel offers tips for redirecting biting behavior, choosing appropriate chew toys, and preventing destructive chewing habits.


Q1. Is Rachel Fusaro a professional dog trainer or veterinarian?
A1. No, Rachel is not a professional dog trainer or veterinarian. Her advice is based on her personal experience and research.

Q2. Can I contact Rachel for personal advice?
A2. Rachel offers text or email tips directly. You can reach out to her through TikTok, email, or social media.

Q3. Does Rachel promote specific pet products?
A3. Yes, Rachel recommends specific crates, playpens, treats, and enrichment toys for pets. She may include affiliate and/or sponsored links in her content.

Q4. Can Rachel’s advice replace professional guidance?
A4. No, Rachel’s opinion and advice are based on personal experience and should not replace professional guidance.

Q5. Is Rachel’s channel intended for children under the age of 18?
A5. No, Rachel’s channel is not intended for children under the age of 18.


Rachel Fusaro’s channel provides a wealth of information for puppy parents. Whether you’re struggling with potty training, barking, or leash walking, her videos offer practical solutions and helpful advice. However, it’s important to note that her advice should not replace professional guidance from a veterinarian or dog trainer. Nonetheless, her passionate dedication to saving dogs is inspiring and worthy of following. So, don’t hesitate to check out her channel and explore the many options she provides for caring for your furry friend.