5 Training Exercises You Should Do EVERY DAY At Home!

Are you looking for an effective way to stay fit and healthy without leaving the comfort of your own home? Incorporating training exercises into your daily routine is the perfect solution! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing with you 5 must-do training exercises that will keep you in tip-top shape, no matter what your fitness level. So, let’s dive in and discover the benefits of incorporating these exercises into your daily routine!


Are you looking for new ways to improve your pet’s behavior and training abilities? Look no further than Rachel Fusaro’s video “5 Training Exercises You Should Do EVERY DAY At Home!” In this video, Rachel provides viewers with valuable insight on how to train dogs at home with exercises that can be done daily. With easy-to-follow instructions and upbeat background music, viewers can learn how to transform their dog’s behavior in just a few simple steps.

Understanding the Importance of Daily Training

As Rachel mentions in the video, training dogs daily is a crucial aspect of their growth and development. Daily training not only helps dogs learn new skills and behaviors but also strengthens the bond between the owner and their pet. When dogs are given consistent training, they are more likely to listen to commands and behave appropriately in different situations.

5 Training Exercises You Should Do EVERY DAY At Home!

Now, let’s dive into the five training exercises that Rachel discusses in her video:

1. “Touch” Command

The “touch” command involves teaching dogs to touch their nose to their owner’s hand. Not only does this exercise help with obedience training, but it also helps with focus and attention.

2. “Leave it” Command

The “leave it” command involves teaching dogs not to touch or nibble on items that they shouldn’t, such as food or shoes. This exercise helps prevent destructive behavior and keeps dogs safe.

3. “Sit-Stay” Command

The “sit-stay” command teaches dogs to sit and stay in one spot until they are given permission to move. This proves useful in situations where dogs need to wait patiently, such as when greeting guests at the door.

4. “Down-Stay” Command

Similar to the “sit-stay” command, the “down-stay” command teaches dogs to lie down and stay in one spot. This is useful for times when dogs need to be calm and relaxed, such as during veterinary exams.

5. Heeling on a Leash

Rachel also provides tips on how to teach dogs to walk on a leash without pulling or tugging. This exercise helps with leash manners and makes walks more enjoyable for both the owner and their pet.


There’s no doubt that Rachel Fusaro’s video “5 Training Exercises You Should Do EVERY DAY At Home!” is an immensely valuable resource for pet owners. With Rachel’s engaging personality and expert training advice, pet owners can train their dogs effectively from the comfort of their homes. Don’t forget to practice these exercises daily and be patient with your pet’s progress.


  1. Can I purchase pet products from Rachel’s website?
    Yes, Rachel offers a variety of pet products, including dog food and treats, crates, and enrichment toys, with discount codes available for subscribers.

  2. How can I connect with Rachel on social media?
    Rachel can be found on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

  3. Can I email Rachel for help with my pet’s behavior?
    Yes, Rachel offers assistance via email for those seeking help with their pet’s behavior.

  4. Does Rachel collaborate with businesses?
    Yes, Rachel is open to business collaborations and partnerships.

  5. Are all the opinions shared by Rachel in her videos based on personal experience?
    Yes, Rachel shares her personal opinions and experiences in her videos, but always encourages her viewers to consult with a professional if needed.