Did You Put Your Puppy’s Crate In The WRONG Spot?

When it comes to crate training a puppy, it’s crucial to choose the right spot for their crate. Placing the crate in the wrong location can lead to various challenges in the training process. From excessive whining and barking to reluctance in entering the crate, these signs might indicate that you have made an unintended mistake. In this blog post, we explore the common errors pet owners make when positioning their puppy’s crate and how to rectify them. Discover the essential tips to ensure your furry friend’s crate becomes a safe and comfortable haven, fostering a positive training experience.

Did You Put Your Puppy’s Crate In The WRONG Spot?


When it comes to puppy training, one of the most important aspects is crate training. A properly placed crate can help create a safe and secure space for your furry friend, while putting it in the wrong spot can lead to a variety of issues. In this article, we will discuss the importance of crate placement and how it can impact your puppy’s training journey.

Personalized Puppy Training Plans are Available

At McCann Dog Training, they understand that every puppy is unique and requires special attention when it comes to training. That’s why they offer personalized puppy training plans. These plans take into account your puppy’s personality, age, and specific training needs. With a customized training plan, you can ensure that you are providing the right environment for your puppy to thrive.

The Life Skills Program is Supported by a Trainer

McCann Dog Training’s Life Skills program is designed to help puppies develop important skills that will last a lifetime. This program is supported by a professional trainer who will guide you through the training process. With their expertise and guidance, you can be confident that your puppy is receiving the best possible training.

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In addition to their training programs, McCann Dog Training also has an online store where you can find a wide range of dog products. Whether you are looking for toys, treats, or training tools, their online store has you covered. With high-quality products available, you can provide your puppy with everything they need to succeed.

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Music to Help Dogs Settle is Recommended

Creating a calming environment for your puppy is essential, especially when it comes to crate training. McCann Dog Training recommends using music specifically designed to help dogs settle. This type of music can help reduce anxiety and create a relaxing atmosphere for your puppy. By incorporating this into your crate training routine, you can help your puppy feel more comfortable and at ease.

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Proper crate placement is crucial when it comes to your puppy’s training journey. By following the expert advice provided by McCann Dog Training, you can ensure that your puppy’s crate is in the right spot. Additionally, taking advantage of their personalized training plans, Life Skills program, online store, and other resources will help you provide the best possible training environment for your furry friend.


  1. Are personalized puppy training plans expensive?

    • The cost of personalized puppy training plans may vary depending on your puppy’s specific needs. It’s best to contact McCann Dog Training for more information on pricing.
  2. Can I crate train my older dog?

    • Yes, crate training can be beneficial for older dogs as well. It can help with house training, separation anxiety, and providing a safe space for your dog.
  3. What are some common mistakes to avoid when crate training a puppy?

    • Some common mistakes to avoid include using the crate as a form of punishment, leaving a puppy in the crate for too long, and not properly introducing the crate to your puppy.
  4. Can I use a crate for a dog that doesn’t like it?

    • It may take some time and patience to help a dog become comfortable with a crate. Using positive reinforcement, gradually introducing the crate, and making it a positive experience can help.
  5. How long does it take to crate train a puppy?

    • The duration of crate training can vary depending on the individual puppy. It may take a few weeks or even a few months for a puppy to become fully comfortable with the crate. Patience and consistency are key.