For Dogs That Get TOO Excited About Food In Training

Excessive excitement over food during training can present a significant challenge for some dogs. It can hinder their ability to focus and can even lead to erratic behavior. In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies and techniques to help manage and train dogs that become overly excited about food during training sessions. By implementing these methods, pet parents and trainers can turn these challenging moments into opportunities for growth and improved obedience.



Dogs, known for their boundless energy and enthusiasm, can sometimes become overly excited when it comes to food during training sessions. This can make it challenging for dog owners to effectively train their furry friends. However, there is a solution to this common problem. In this article, we will review a fantastic resource that offers valuable tips and techniques to help dogs that get too excited about food in training.

Proofing Your Dog Training Skills Can Be Done Through Playing a Game

McCann Dog Training, a renowned dog training service, has developed a video that addresses the issue of dogs getting too excited about food during training. The video, created by McCann Dog Training’s team of skilled trainers, provides dog owners with an innovative and enjoyable way to proof their dog training skills. Through the use of a specially designed game, dog owners can teach their dogs to remain calm and focused, even in the presence of tempting treats.

Personalized Help with Puppy Training is Available for You and Your Puppy

McCann Dog Training understands that every dog is unique and requires personalized attention. With their puppy training program, they offer customized support for both dog owners and their adorable young pups. By enrolling in their puppy training program, you can access professional guidance and expert advice to ensure that your puppy learns essential skills, such as basic obedience, socialization, and house training.

There is a Life Skills Program for Dogs Over 5 Months Old, Supported by a McCann Dogs Trainer

Once your puppy has graduated from the puppy training program, you can continue their training journey with McCann Dog Training’s Life Skills program. This program is specifically designed for dogs over five months old and focuses on enhancing their obedience and manners. Guided by an experienced McCann Dogs trainer, you and your dog will navigate through various training exercises that will result in a well-behaved and well-rounded canine companion.

Visit Their Store for Recommended Dog Products

For dog owners looking to provide the best tools and resources for their furry friends, McCann Dog Training offers a store that features a wide selection of highly recommended dog products. From training treats and toys to essential grooming supplies, you can find everything you need to support your dog’s well-being and training journey. By choosing products from McCann Dog Training’s store, you can ensure that you are investing in high-quality items that have been approved by professional trainers.

Subscribe to Their Channel for Updates

To stay up to date with the latest training tips, techniques, and resources, it is highly recommended to subscribe to McCann Dog Training’s YouTube channel. By subscribing, you will receive notifications whenever new videos are uploaded, providing you with a continuous stream of valuable information to help you further enhance your dog’s training skills.

They Have Music to Help Dogs Settle

McCann Dog Training understands that dogs can sometimes struggle with settling down, whether it’s during training sessions or at bedtime. To help dogs relax and find their calm, McCann Dog Training has put together a collection of soothing music specifically designed for dogs. This harmonious collection has been known to help dogs settle and unwind, creating a conducive environment for training and promoting overall well-being.

Become a HeartDog Supporter by Clicking a Link

McCann Dog Training is committed to helping dogs and their owners forge deep and lasting connections. As part of their mission, they invite dog lovers to become HeartDog Supporters. By clicking a link provided on their platform, you can show your support towards their efforts and contribute to the welfare and training of dogs in need.

They Also Have a Podcast Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

For dog owners who prefer to listen to valuable training advice on the go, McCann Dog Training offers a podcast series. Available on popular platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify, their podcast provides insightful discussions, interviews, and practical tips that you can incorporate into your dog’s training regimen. Whether you are out for a walk with your pup or commuting to work, you can tune in to their podcast and gain knowledge at your convenience.

For Brands Interested in Showcasing Dog-Related Products or Services, Email Them

McCann Dog Training welcomes collaborations with brands that offer dog-related products or services. If you represent a brand that aligns with their values and mission, you can reach out to them via email and explore potential partnerships. This provides an excellent opportunity for brands to showcase their offerings to a highly engaged audience of dog owners and enthusiasts.

Thanks for Watching and Happy Training!

In conclusion, McCann Dog Training’s video on training dogs that get too excited about food offers invaluable tips and techniques to help dog owners overcome this challenge. With their innovative game-based approach, personalized puppy training, Life Skills program, trusted product recommendations, and various platforms for continuous learning, McCann Dog Training proves to be a one-stop resource for all your dog training needs. So, if you’re struggling with a dog that’s too excited about food during training, don’t fret! Follow the expert advice from McCann Dog Training and watch as your furry friend becomes more focused, attentive, and well-behaved.


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