FULL-TIME YouTuber + Dog Mom Morning Routine #shorts

I am excited to share my full-time YouTuber and dog mom morning routine with all of you today through this #shorts post. As someone who works from home, I have a unique routine that involves taking care of my furry friend alongside managing my daily work tasks. So, sit back and join me as I take you through my bustling weekday mornings – from waking up early to managing my time efficiently, preparing breakfast, and ensuring my dog is well taken care of too!


As a full-time YouTuber and dog mom, my mornings are an essential part of my day. Each day, I wake up with excitement as I face a new day of content creation, video editing, and the responsibilities of being a loving pet parent. My morning routine sets the tone for the rest of my day, and I follow a well-crafted plan to ensure that I maximize my productivity while still enjoying my day-to-day life. In this article, I will take you through my morning routine as a full-time YouTuber and dog mom.

Wake up Early

As a YouTuber, one of the common practices for content creation is to record early in the morning. Therefore, I make sure that I wake up early; usually, I wake up at 5 am. This timing allows me to catch the soft golden lighting which ensures that my videos come out fabulous. Waking up early also allows me to spend some quality time with my dog-children. My dogs are my priority. Thus, I always spend an hour early in the morning playing with them. From playing fetch to going out for a stroll, we bond and have fun together.

Quick Refreshment

After spending quality time with my dogs, I refresh myself by taking a quick shower and brushing my teeth. This refreshes and energizes me for the day ahead. I always make sure to prepare a healthy breakfast and savor it slowly. I prefer eating cereal with almond milk, as it provides the necessary nutrients to keep me active and energized throughout my day.

Review of Schedules

As a full-time content creator on YouTube, I always ensure that I follow a strict schedule. Thus, after finishing with breakfast, I review my daily schedule for that day. I take this time to check for any pending emails or inquiries that have come in overnight, which helps me decide if I need to adjust or update my schedule. I ensure that I adhere to timelines to ensure that my productivity is maximized.

Filming Time

Filming is the most crucial part of my day. As a content creator, I have to make sure that I am producing consistent, high-quality videos. After confirming my schedule, I proceed to my filming room. Lighting is crucial for a YouTuber, so I make sure my room is well illuminated. If required, I use artificial lights to make sure I get the desired lighting. I make sure to record the videos in shorts so that it becomes easier to share on my YouTube short content.


After filming, I take some time to edit my videos. Video editing allows me to enhance the quality of the videos while also ensuring that they are engaging and seamless. Usually, this takes up a significant chunk of time in my day. I take advantage of this time to bond with my dogs while I complete the editing process.

Social Media Promotion

After editing, I promote my videos on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media promotion is a critical part of my job as it helps me reach out to a broader audience. This is a crucial step in improving my channel organic reach which helps in driving more subscribers.


As a full-time YouTuber and dog mom, my morning routine is essential in ensuring that I maximize my productivity while still having fun. From spending quality time with my dogs to reviewing my daily schedule and filming, each task has a vital role in my day-to-day work. Following a routine has allowed me to produce high-quality content consistently. I hope that sharing my morning routine has provided you with a better insight into what it’s really like being a full-time YouTuber and dog mom.


1- How long does it take to film a video as a YouTuber?
Ans: It generally depends on the type of video and content a YouTuber is trying to create. Some videos can take a few hours, while others can take days.
2- What is the best time to upload videos on YouTube?
Ans: The best time to upload videos on YouTube is during peak hours, which is when most viewers are online – typically between 2-4 pm on weekdays, and anytime between 9-11 am on weekends.
3- How can one improve the quality of their YouTube videos?
Ans: By investing in essential equipment like a high-quality camera and microphone, having a well-lit studio, and by improving video editing skills.
4- How important is social media promotion as a YouTuber?
Ans: Social media promotion is crucial as it helps YouTubers in reaching out to a broader audience. This helps to drive more subscribers and improve channel reach.
5- How can one be consistent in content creation as a YouTuber?
Ans: By creating a content calendar and sticking to a strict schedule, YouTubers can maintain consistency in their content creation. It is essential to set achievable goals and have a plan in place for content creation.