HOW TO: Teach Your Dog “PLACE” 👉 STOPS: jumping, barking, nipping & zoomies!

Teaching a dog the “place” command is one of the most useful and practical commands a pet owner can teach their dog. It essentially teaches them to settle down and stay in one place, which can help reduce unwanted behaviors such as jumping, barking, nipping, and even zoomies. With consistency and patience, any dog owner can successfully teach their furry friend this command. In this blog post, we will explore the step-by-step process of how to teach your dog “place” and effectively stop those unwanted behaviors.

How to Teach Your Dog “PLACE” and Stop Unwanted Behavior


Rachel Fusaro’s video “HOW TO: Teach Your Dog ‘PLACE’ 👉 STOPS: jumping, barking, nipping & zoomies!” is a fun and informative video that provides valuable tips and tricks to dog owners who are struggling with stopping unwanted behavior in their pets. In this article, we will give a detailed review of the video, highlighting the key points, and providing readers with everything they need to know about how to use the tips provided in the video to train their dogs.

The Video and its Content

Rachel Fusaro’s video features her favorite pet products and discount codes, and it is sponsored by Super Chewer and BarkBox. The video is aimed at dog owners who are looking for ways to train their dogs to stop unwanted behavior, such as jumping, barking, nipping, and zoomies.

In the video, the writer provides text or email tips on their website, and she lists crate & playpen, treats & dental chews, and enrichment toys as featured pet finds. Furthermore, she provides tips on crate training, potty training, dog food, leash help, barking, and biting/chewing. To help the viewers better understand the tips, Rachel Fusaro demonstrates how she trains her dog “PLACE,” which she claims helps stop unwanted behavior in dogs.

How to Train Your Dog “PLACE”

Rachel Fusaro explains that “PLACE” means having the dog go to a specific spot, and stay there until given permission to leave. This technique helps train a dog to settle down, focus, and become comfortable in a specific area. She does not claim to be a professional trainer or vet, but has simply shared her own experiences.

These are the steps Rachel outlines in the video to train your dogs to “PLACE”:

  1. Choose a specific spot in your house, where your dog will go and stay when commanded.
  2. Command your dog to “PLACE” while holding a treat. Only give the treat once the dog has settled down and is lying still.
  3. Repeat the “PLACE” command and reward the dog with a treat when he or she obeys.
  4. Gradually extend the duration that you expect your dog to remain on their spot.
  5. Transition to longer durations of your dog remaining on the spot without the treat.

Other Tips

Rachel Fusaro also provides other tips to help stop unwanted behavior in dogs. She suggests:

  • Crate training: Provides dogs with a safe and comfortable space that is only used for relaxation and sleep.
  • Potty training: Use positive reinforcement and patience, and maintain consistency.
  • Dog food: Prefer high-quality dog food, and avoid harmful ingredients.
  • Leash help: Use positive reinforcement and even give treats.
  • Barking: Redirect behavior to a positive one, like chewing its toys.
  • Biting/chewing: Use non-painful deterrents.


Rachel Fusaro’s video provides an easy and informative way to help dog owners train their pets to stop unwanted behavior. Her advice promotes a positive, loving, and encouraging training routine for dogs. If you are struggling with training your dog, “PLACE” can be an effective technique to incorporate in your dog’s obedience training routine.


  1. Who is Rachel Fusaro?
    Rachel Fusaro is a social media influencer who can be found on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. She has become popular for sharing her experiences and tips on caring for dogs.

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    No, the channel is not intended for children under 18.

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    No, the writer is not a professional trainer or vet, but has simply shared her own experiences and tips.

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    Yes, the content includes affiliate and sponsored links.

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