I Didn’t Exercise My Dogs… INSTEAD I did this 😬

When faced with the dilemma of not being able to exercise their beloved dogs, some pet owners may struggle to find a good solution. However, in this particular case, the person in question opted for an alternative approach. Instead of physical activity, they took a different route that may raise eyebrows of other animal lovers. But despite any initial doubts, what they did turned out to be a beneficial experience for both the dogs and the owner. Let’s delve deeper into this unconventional approach and explore the results.

I Didn’t Exercise My Dogs… INSTEAD I did this 😬


Rachel Fusaro, a well-known content creator, has recently released a video that shocked many dog lovers. The video is titled, “I Didn’t Exercise My Dogs… INSTEAD I did this 😬”. It reveals her personal experience about how she managed to provide the best care for her dogs without exercise. This video has generated a lot of buzz and has sparked debates amongst pet owners. In this article, we will discuss why Rachel Fusaro didn’t exercise her dogs, the alternatives she used, and her recommendations for pet products and care.

Why Rachel Fusaro Didn’t Exercise Her Dogs

In the video, Rachel Fusaro explains that she didn’t exercise her dogs due to health reasons. She was recovering from a surgery and wasn’t able to be as active as she usually would be. Instead, she found other ways to keep her dogs entertained and stimulated.

The Alternatives She Used

Rachel Fusaro recommends dog beds, enrichment toys, and specific laundry detergent for dogs. She shares tips and tricks to crate train, potty train, leash assistance, and much more. Fusaro offers text or email tips directly to her followers. She also features pet finds including crates, playpens, treats, and toys. Her recommendations include buying the diggs crate with her discount code, which is a comfortable and safe crate for dogs. She has also created partnerships and collaborations with pet product companies, providing her followers with discounts on their products.

Her Recommendations for Pet Products and Care

Rachel Fusaro provides a detailed list of her favorite pet products for those looking to enhance their pets’ lives without exercise. The list includes:

  • Diggs Crate – a comfortable, safe, and spacious crate with a discount code from Fusaro.
  • Enrichment toys – including Kong, snuffle mats, and puzzle feeders to keep dogs entertained.
  • Laundry detergent – specific laundry detergents for dogs, which helps in keeping their beds and clothes clean.
  • Treats – high-quality pet treats from trusted companies.
  • Playpens – safe and secure playpens for dogs when owners are not home.


In conclusion, Rachel Fusaro’s video, “I Didn’t Exercise My Dogs… INSTEAD I did this 😬”, provides alternative ways to keep pets active, entertained, and stimulated without exercise. Her recommendations for pet products and care are helpful for pet owners who are struggling with physical restrictions or who are looking to enhance their pets’ lives. Fusaro’s willingness to offer text or email tips directly to her followers adds a personal touch, which is appreciated by her fans.

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. Is Rachel Fusaro a professional dog trainer or veterinarian?
  • No, Rachel Fusaro is not a professional dog trainer or veterinarian. She is a content creator who shares her personal experience and knowledge about raising pets.
  1. Can I buy pet products through Rachel Fusaro’s website?
  • No, Rachel Fusaro does not sell pet products directly, but she does provide discount codes for some partnered companies.
  1. What kind of enrichment toys does Rachel Fusaro recommend?
  • Rachel Fusaro recommends puzzle feeders, snuffle mats, and Kong toys as her favorite enrichment toys.
  1. Can Rachel Fusaro provide personalized tips for my pet?
  • Yes, Rachel Fusaro offers text or email tips directly to her followers.
  1. Is Rachel Fusaro’s channel intended for children?
  • No, Rachel Fusaro’s channel is not intended for children, and some content may contain adult language and themes.