Literally EVERYTHING Your Puppy Needs ✅ Best puppy things

I have always been a dog lover and as soon as I decided to adopt my first puppy, I started researching every single thing my new furry friend would need. From the best food to cozy beds, chew toys to training collars – I wanted to make sure that I had everything covered. After months of trial and error and countless hours of research, I finally found the ultimate list of everything a puppy needs. Today, I want to share that list with you, so you can give your new puppy the best start in life. In this post, I’ll cover all the must-have items that you need to buy for your puppy, along with tips on what to look for and how to choose the best options available. So, let’s dive in and get your furry friend set up for a happy, healthy life!


As a proud owner of a puppy, I know the feeling of wanting to give your furry little friend the best of everything. However, with so many pet-centric products available, it can often be overwhelming to choose the most essential items. Recently, I came across a video that offers a comprehensive list of all the best puppy things that every owner should consider getting for their new furry friend. Not only does the video highlight a variety of high-quality products with discount codes, but it also provides valuable tips on how to care for your puppy throughout its growth stages. Below I have detailed some of the key takeaways from this must-watch video.

Pet-Centric Products for Your Puppy:

The video starts with a list of must-have items that every new puppy owner should consider purchasing. These include dog food, crates, harnesses, toys, cleaners, beds, potty pads, and nanny cams. It’s essential to note that these items are not only necessary in terms of comfort but are also crucial in ensuring a healthy, happy puppy. The video provides a detailed description of each product and offers discount codes that viewers can use when purchasing from the recommended vendors.

Additional Resources:

The creator of the video has a website where she provides direct tips and advice via text or email, which is an added bonus. Along with her video content, she serves as an educational resource for pet owners of all breeds and stages of growth. Her content comes from years of personal experience with owning and caring for puppies, making her a credible source of information.

Affiliate and Sponsorship Links:

It’s important to note that the video may contain affiliate and sponsorship links. Affiliate links vary from product to product and essentially mean that the creator earns a small commission if a viewer purchases a product mentioned in the video. Sponsorship links typically mean that a brand has paid the creator to feature their product in the video. Despite this, the creator remains transparent about these links and maintains that she only promotes products that she genuinely believes in.

Featured Pet Finds:

The video features a range of essential pet products, including dog food brands that are formulated specifically for puppies. The video also recommends specific types of dog crates and dog harnesses – all with corresponding discount codes. Additionally, the video gives viewers an idea of what to look for when shopping for puppy toys, cleaners, beds, potty pads, and nanny cams.

Tips for Puppy Care:

Along with highlighting all the essential puppy products, the creator of the video also offers valuable tips for caring for your furry little friend. These include tips for crate use, potty training, feeding, leash training, barking, and chewing/biting. These tips are all based on personal experience, making them credible and informative.

Soundtrack and Disclaimer:

The video also includes a disclaimer that the soundtrack used in the content does not belong to the creator and that all credits go to the original artist. This is an essential component as it ensures that no copyright laws are violated.


In conclusion, the video featured a comprehensive list of all the best puppy things that every owner should consider purchasing for their new furry friend. Along with highlighting specific products with discount codes, the video also provided valuable tips for puppy care. It is crucial to note that there may be affiliate and sponsorship links contained in the content, but the creator remains transparent about them. For additional resources and tips, viewers can find more information on the creator’s social media platforms and website.


  1. Are the products mentioned in the video only available in the US?
  • No, the creator recommends products that can be purchased from various online vendors worldwide.
  1. Are the tips for puppy care helpful for all breeds?
  • Yes, the tips are based on personal experience and can be helpful for all breeds and stages of puppy growth.
  1. Is the creator of the video a certified pet expert?
  • No, the creator is a pet owner who shares her personal experience and tips.
  1. Can I still use the discount codes even if I live outside of the US?
  • This will depend on the specific vendor and their shipping policies.
  1. How often are new videos posted on the creator’s channel?
  • The creator posts new content on her channel regularly, with a focus on puppy care and product recommendations.