MULTIPLE Dogs At Home? Try these 3 EASY TIPS!

If someone has multiple dogs at home, it can be quite challenging to keep them all happy and content. It’s essential to ensure that each dog is getting the attention and care they need to live a fulfilling life. To help alleviate some of the difficulties of managing multiple dogs, he or she can try these three easy tips. With a little effort and patience, they can create a harmonious living environment for all their furry friends.

MULTIPLE Dogs At Home? Try these 3 EASY TIPS!


Having multiple dogs at home can be a challenging task. Furry friends can have their own quirks, personalities, and preferences. Sometimes it becomes difficult to manage the routines of two or more furry creatures living together. In this article, we will review a video created by Rachel Fusaro, a proficient SEO writer who shares her expertise in pet care and welfare. Rachel’s video provides three easy tips that can help you manage your multiple dogs at home.

BarkBox and Super Chewer Boxes

In her video, Rachel talks about an excellent solution for pet parents who need to keep their furry friends busy and entertained. BarkBox and Super Chewer boxes are monthly subscription boxes that deliver toys and treats right to your doorstep. The boxes come with exciting new themes each month, and every box contains high-quality toys and delicious treats that your dogs will love. Rachel even provides a discount code for pet shop items that you can use at BarkShop.

Dog Food List

Rachel knows that a healthy diet is important for your dogs, and her video includes a list of dog food brands that are rated highly by veterinarians. She emphasizes the importance of reading food labels and avoiding dog foods that contain harmful ingredients.

Direct Tips from Rachel

Rachel provides a unique service to her subscribers. Her video includes a tip to reach her directly through either text or email for personalized advice. Her expertise has been recognized by many pet lovers, and her direct tips provide valuable insights into pet care and welfare.

Recommendations for Pet Products

Rachel shows her expertise in pet care by recommending a variety of pet products that can improve the lives of your furry friends. She recommends crates for training and safe confinement of your pets. She also recommends treats and enrichment toys that can keep your dogs engaged and busy. Rachel includes affiliate/sponsor links to some of the products she recommends.

Help for Pet Training and Behavior

Rachel’s video provides tips and tricks for a variety of training and behavior problems faced by pet owners. She offers help for crate training, potty training, leash help, barking tips, and biting/chewing behavior. Her tips are backed by her own experiences as a pet owner and the knowledge she has gained from her research.

Connecting with Rachel

Rachel can be connected with through her social media profiles on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. She shares valuable content on her channels, including tips on caring for your pets and updates on her own pet adventures. It is important to note that her channel is not intended for children under the age of 18, and the content she provides should not be a replacement for professional vet/trainer recommendations.


In conclusion, managing multiple dogs at home is not easy, but it’s not impossible. Rachel Fusaro’s expertise in pet care and welfare can help pet parents navigate the challenges of caring for multiple dogs at home. Her video provides valuable tips and recommendations that can improve the lives of your furry friends. By following her advice, pet owners can create a happy and healthy home for their furry family.


  1. How do I contact Rachel for personalized advice?
    Ans: Rachel can be reached directly through text or email.
  2. Are the BarkBox and Super Chewer boxes available for all dog breeds?
    Ans: Yes, the boxes are customizable for different dog sizes and preferences.
  3. Is Rachel a licensed veterinarian?
    Ans: No, Rachel is a content creator and pet lover who shares her experiences and research on pet care and welfare.
  4. Can Rachel provide advice on serious pet health issues?
    Ans: Rachel’s advice is based on her experiences and research and should not be used as a replacement for professional vet/trainer recommendations.
  5. Can children under 18 follow Rachel’s social media channels?
    Ans: Rachel’s channel is not intended for children under 18.