My 10 Leash ✨SECRETS✨ that ACTUALLY work 🤫 LIVE STREAM

I’m excited to share with you today my top 10 leash secrets that have proven to be highly effective. Through years of experience as a dog owner, I have discovered and refined these tricks that have made walking my dogs a breeze. Trust me, these secrets are not your typical run-of-the-mill advice that you can find anywhere. They are practical and have truly worked for me and my furry friends. So, if you want to learn about these tried-and-true leash secrets that will revolutionize your walks with your pups, stay tuned for this live stream session. Don’t miss out on these secrets that I’m about to divulge!

Hey, guys! I am so excited to share with you my thoughts on Rachel Fusaro’s latest video, “My 10 Leash Secrets that Actually Work.” As a pet owner and lover, I know the struggle that comes with walking our furry friends. That is why I am always looking for useful tips and tricks that can make the experience enjoyable for both dog and owner. If you haven’t watched Rachel’s video yet, believe me, you are missing out on some great advice! Keep on reading to find out what I thought of it and why you should check it out.

Heading 1: Rachel Fusaro’s 10 Leash Secrets – My Review
Subheading 1.1: Overview of the Video
Rachel Fusaro’s video runs for approximately twenty minutes and is packed with ten extremely helpful tips for dog owners. The video features Rachel in a live stream presentation, discussing her personal leash secrets that have worked for her over the years. Rachel is highly engaging and passionate about her work, making the video captivating and full of information.

Subheading 1.2: My Thoughts on the Content
I found Rachel’s video to be informative, valuable, and easy to follow. Her tips are practical, and it’s clear that they come from personal experience. Rachel’s approach is relatable, and it’s easy for viewers to imagine trying out her techniques with their own pets. Her delivery is engaging, and she kept me interested throughout the video.

Subheading 1.3: Did the Video Meet Its Objective?
As a dog owner, I felt like Rachel’s video met its objective of sharing some practical tips for walking your dog while making the experience enjoyable for both the pet and owner. Rachel’s tips were realistic, and she was transparent about the things that didn’t work for her. I especially loved her emphasis on positive reinforcement and the importance of establishing boundaries.

Heading 2: My 10 Favorite Takeaways from Rachel Fusaro’s Video
Subheading 2.1: Walking in the Neighborhood
One of Rachel’s tips that stood out to me was teaching your dog to walk on one side, opposite to the road. This ensures both safety and good etiquette for your pet while walking in the neighborhood. I found it helpful to know that treats and positive reinforcement could help dogs remember which side to remain on.

Subheading 2.2: Free Dogs from Being Overwhelmed
Rachel highlights that dogs might become overwhelmed on walks when they encounter other dogs or people. I found it helpful to learn to reduce my dog’s anxiety and not force interactions. Rachel advises creating some space for your dog to breathe and offering rewards to distract them from the trigger.

Subheading 2.3: Positive Reinforcement
I am a fan of positive reinforcement techniques and found Rachel’s tips on its importance during pet walks to be spot on. She emphasizes rewarding good behavior, ignoring negative behavior rather than punishing, and maintaining consistency over time.

Subheading 2.4: Distractions Are Your Best Friend
Another valuable takeaway from the video was how to distract your dog from distractions when on a walk. Rachel suggests using high-value treats, playing music, and carrying toys as tactics to engage and divert your pet’s attention.

Subheading 2.5: Establishing Boundaries
Rachel advises that setting and sticking to expectations and limits for your pet when it comes to walking behaviors can increase the bond between pet and owner. She suggests continuously teaching dogs a verbal cue of “leave it” to stop unwanted behavior.

Subheading 2.6: Consistency Is Key
Consistency over time is critical for the training of your dog. Rachel encourages pet owners not to give up early and to remain consistent across all training sessions. I particularly found her comment that a dog’s attention span is short and that 5-10 minute practices instead of long sessions are more effective, very useful.

Subheading 2.7: Be Prepared for Cold Weather
As someone who lives in colder states, Rachel’s tips for walking pets in cold weather were a lifesaver. She advises adding layers to the dog’s clothes and boots to protect them from the cold and minimize frostbite. Dogs can’t spend too much time out in the cold, so Rachel suggests shorter walks and keeping them active indoors.

Subheading 2.8: Shorten and Loosen the Leash
A short leash might signal the dog to be more anxious, and a tight leash might lead to choking. Rachel suggests considering a waist belt leash for convenience and recommends a looser leash for a more enjoyable experience for both owner and pet.

Subheading 2.9: Start as Early as Puppy Time
I found Rachel’s recommendation that we should start leash training when our dogs are still puppies interesting. Early training allows the dog to get used to the leash and develop a routine while still young.

Subheading 2.10: Quality Time Together
The most valuable takeaway I got from the video was the importance of walking my pet in daily life. Rachel describes dog walking as pet owners’ quality time alone with their pets. Walking with my pet is now not only a necessary daily exercise routine but an opportunity to bond and make great memories.

Rachel Fusaro’s “My 10 Leash Secrets that Actually Work” is a must-watch for any dog owner, especially if your dog is new to leash walking. The tips she provides are practical, and the delivery is engaging, making the experience interesting and informative. Her video has several valuable takeaways that can help both pet and owner enjoy their daily walk. I highly recommend that pet owners check it out.


  1. Does Rachel Fusaro provides tips other than leash walking?
    Yes, Rachel has a lot of other pet tips that she shares on her website, social media platforms, and YouTube. Her tips range from potty training to crate training and everything in between.

  2. Is Rachel Fusaro a professional dog trainer?
    No, Rachel is not a professional dog trainer or veterinarian. She is, however, a pet lover and owner who shares tips that have worked for her over the years.

  3. Does Rachel Fusaro have any sponsor or affiliate links associated with her content?
    Yes, Rachel Fusaro has affiliate and sponsor links in some of her content. She also provides codes for discounts on her favorite pet products.

  4. Is Rachel Fusaro’s content appropriate for children under 18?
    No, Rachel Fusaro’s content is not intended for children under 18. She advises seeking professional guidance before taking any action.

  5. How can I connect with Rachel Fusaro?
    Rachel Fusaro is easy to connect with through her website, social media platforms, and YouTube channel.