PUPPY BITING STOPPED in ONE day! 🙌 Aggressive puppy biting tips that actually work

One day, he was struggling with his aggressive puppy’s biting behavior. But on the next day, it was all gone! She implemented some useful tips for stopping puppy biting that actually worked wonders. In this blog post, they will share some of the most effective ways to deal with puppy biting aggression that provides immediate results. If you are also facing issues with your furry little friend’s biting behavior, then keep reading!


As a new puppy owner, you might experience some aggressive biting and chewing from the puppy. Finding the right solution to stop puppy biting can be challenging for many pet parents. Fortunately, Rachel Fusaro has created a video that offers helpful tips and tricks on how to stop puppy biting.

Rachel Fusaro is a content creator who specializes in pet products and offers discount codes to her viewers. In her video, she provides several helpful solutions to stop puppy biting in just one day. The video is sponsored by Super Chewer and BarkBox, and she offers tips on crates, playpens, treats, dental chews, and enrichment toys for pets.

Understanding Puppy Biting Behavior

Before considering ways to stop puppy biting, it’s essential to understand the underlying behavior that leads to it. Puppies tend to bite and chew as a way of exploring their environment and teething. Additionally, they may bite or nip when they are playing, interacting with other dogs, or when they feel threatened.

Tips to Stop Puppy Biting

  1. Discourage Biting: When your puppy bites, make a sound like “ouch” and immediately stop playing with them. If the puppy licks you instead of biting, reward them with a treat or praise.

  2. Use Toys: Provide your puppy with toys that they can safely chew on to redirect their biting behavior.

  3. Teach Bite Inhibition: Encourage bite inhibition, which involves teaching your puppy to control the strength of their bite. Gently stop the game and withdraw attention when they bite too hard.

  4. Use Citrus: Most dogs dislike the scent of citrus, and applying some citrus-scented natural oils on your skin or clothing can help stop puppy biting.

Potty Training, Leash Issues, and More

Rachel Fusaro provides a wealth of information about puppy training and pet care. In addition to her biting tips, she has covered topics such as potty training, leash issues, barking, and chewing. Rachel’s content also includes a dog food list and an option for a vet consult for puppy wellness.


  1. Is Rachel Fusaro’s channel intended for children?
    No, Rachel Fusaro’s channel is not intended for children under 18 years old.

  2. What does Rachel Fusaro suggest when it comes to fostering or training dogs?
    Rachel Fusaro suggests seeking professional guidance before taking any action and fosters, feeds, and trains dogs at the viewer’s own risk.

  3. Does Rachel Fusaro offer personalized tips and tricks for pet owners?
    Yes, viewers can get text or email tips directly from Rachel Fusaro through her website.

  4. Where can you find Rachel Fusaro’s content?
    Rachel Fusaro can be found on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and has a personal website and email for collaborations and partnerships.

  5. How can you avoid missing new videos on Rachel Fusaro’s channel?
    You can subscribe to Rachel Fusaro’s channel to avoid missing new videos.


Rachel Fusaro’s video provides valuable tips that can help pet parents stop puppy biting in a day. Her video showcases her expertise in the world of pet care and the effort she puts into creating insightful and informative content. Don’t forget to check out her videos for more helpful pet training tips and tricks, and subscribe to her channel to stay on top of new content.