Teach your Dog to Bring You Things! 🐶 SO STINKIN’ SIMPLE!!

Are you tired of playing fetch with your furry friend and always having to go retrieve the ball or toy yourself? Well, we have great news for you! In this blog post, we will show you a simple and effective way to teach your dog to bring you things. With just a little bit of patience and persistence, you and your furry pal will be playing fetch like pros in no time! So why wait? Let’s get started on this exciting journey!

Teach your Dog to Bring You Things! 🐶 SO STINKIN’ SIMPLE!!


Have you ever wished your furry companion could bring you the TV remote or your slippers? It might seem like a far-fetched dream, but teaching your dog to fetch and bring things to you is an incredibly useful and entertaining skill that’s easy to learn. In this article, you’ll discover some simple but effective techniques to teach your dog this trick. Let’s get started!

The Steps to Teach Your Dog to Bring You Things

Step 1: Choose the Right Toy

The first step towards teaching your dog how to bring things to you is selecting the right toy. Choose a soft but sturdy toy, one that your dog can easily grab and won’t easily destroy. Be selective in your choice so that your dog can keep using this same toy as they learn how to bring items to you.

Step 2: Encourage Your Dog to Pick Up the Toy

Once you have a suitable toy, encourage your dog to pick it up by offering them a treat or praise. Praise and reward your dog every time they follow your command. This will teach them that they get a reward every time they bring you the toy.

Step 3: Train Your Dog to Hold the Toy in Their Mouth

The next step is to train your dog to hold the toy in their mouth. Hold a treat close to their nose, and when they open their mouth, put the toy in it. Once your dog has the toy in their mouth, use a simple command like “hold” or “carry” to signal to them what you want them to do.

Step 4: Teach Your Dog to Come to You with the Toy

After your dog is accustomed to holding the toy, teach them to come to you with it. You can do this by crouching down and opening your arms wide, saying “come to me” or “bring it to me.” As they approach, reach towards the toy, but don’t take it from them immediately; instead, let them drop it at your feet or in your hand.

Step 5: Repeat and Gradually Increase the Distance

Repeat the above steps and gradually increase the distance between you and your dog. You can achieve this by putting yourself at the end of a room, on a couch, or anywhere else you’d like your furry friend to bring you the toy.

Tips for Success

  • Be patient and stay consistent with your training.
  • Use positive reinforcement methods, such as treats and praise, to encourage good behavior.
  • Make sure that the toy you’re using is appealing to your dog.
  • Always supervise your dog during training to ensure their safety.
  • Keep training sessions short and fun, and gradually increase the difficulty of the exercise.


Teaching your dog to bring things to you is a fun and practical skill that will make your dog even more lovable and your life a bit easier. Keep in mind that every dog has a different learning curve, so don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to achieve the desired result. With patience and consistency, you’ll soon have a furry friend who can fetch and bring things to you with ease.


Q: What’s the perfect toy to teach my dog to fetch?
A: Choose a soft but sturdy toy that your dog can easily grab and won’t easily destroy.

Q: How do I encourage my dog to pick up the toy?
A: Offer them a treat or praise to encourage them to pick it up.

Q: What command should I use to signal my dog to hold the toy in their mouth?
A: You can try using simple commands such as “hold” or “carry.”

Q: How do I get my dog to bring things to me?
A: Use positive reinforcement methods and gradually increase the distance between you and your dog.

Q: What tips should I remember while training my dog to bring me things?
A: Be patient, consistent, and make sure that your dog stays safe during training sessions.